General BI Consulting Services


Instant Business Intelligence also offers the prepaid General BI Consulting Services of Peter Nolan.

Peter is a 30+ year IT Veteran and a 22+ year BI Veteran. He is world renowned for having made many contributions to the world of Business Intelligence. He has been a pioneer of new ideas and techniques in the area of Business Intelligence since 1991 when he invented a new way of designing data models for BI that were widely implemented in his homeland of Australia.

This prepaid General BI Consulting Service is offered to make it trivial to just buy some of Peters time without having to go through the process of writing a scope of work, writing contracts, and the whole post paid billing cycle.

No matter what area of Business Intelligence Consulting you need some assistance with Peter will be able to provide you excellent advice and guidance at a far lower rate than any other consultant of similar experience. Apart from the obvious areas of expertise in designing and building ETL subsystems and data warehouses Peter is expert in all areas of:

  • Sales and Marketing Strategy and Planning.
  • Tender Preparation and evaluation for companies going to tender.
  • Tender Response Preparation for the vendors responding to tenders.
  • Overseeing development activities for large data warehouse projects.
  • A sounding board for advice and guidance to ensure vendors remain "honest" during the delivery of large data warehouse projects against a tender response.

If you are concerned "How can I trust Peter"? Peter's position is that if you do not trust him to do what he says he can do? Please do not hire him.

Peter has been world renowned for his willingness to answer forum posts and help younger men learn the trade of Business Intelligence over the years. He has answered thousands upon thousands of forum posts patiently and politely. He has mentored many young men in Business Intelligence. Many such men have gone on to have excellent careers in Business Intelligence with well paid jobs and contracts.

To continue to contribute to those who have eyes to see and ears to listen Peter has created the "Instant Business Intelligence Education Channel". This is where his "free consulting" is published. All other consulting is now billable.

If you would like to read testimonials for Peters work then please click here. You will see that many men have been willing to comment very positively on Peters skills and experience in the world of Business Intelligence. In these testimonials you will find the linkedin connections for Peters references so that you can connect to them and be assured that what is on Peters resume is true.


  1. Pre-paid, zero contract, zero paperwork, consulting work.
  2. Just prepay and then use Peters time as you see best.
  3. Time worked is substantiated by time sheets and work outputs.
  4. Prices are based on working from home office.
  5. Far lower costs than any comparably skilled BI Consultant.



  1. EUR80 to EUR150 per hour or near equivalent.
  2. Volume Purchase available in store.
  3. Price breaks are at 1 hour, 8 hours, 40 hours and 200 hours.
  4. Once payment is made contact Peter on


Buy Now (Price based on number of hours per purchase)


The presentation below is Peters video resume. You are also welcome to read his paper based resume which can be downloaded from here .

We invite you to watch this video resume to learn a little more about Peter should wish to hire him as a general advisor for your projects.