IBI Consulting Services


Instant Business Intelligence offers a broad range of consulting services both from our own network of independent consultants as well as from our German Business Partner Key Work Consulting GmBH (www.key-work.de).

If you would like to review our Consulting Services please review our Services Page here.

As you notice we can perform:

  1. Outsourced Offshore Development
  2. Outsourced Try and Buy Development
  3. Time and Materials Development Support
  4. The Tree Ps, Presentation, Prototype, Proposal

Our Founder, Peter Nolan, is no longer performing the "travelling consultant" role. After more than 20 years of his 30 year career in that role he is leaving that to the younger generation now. In this world of net meetings and skype he is available for consulting work based out of his home office.

We do have a network of independent consultants who have used our products who would be more than pleased to work for your company on a contract basis.

For those clients in Europe who would like to hire a long term established company to take care of all your BI needs? Including the hosting of your BI Solutions on their hardware in their state of the art data center? We recommend Key Work Consulting.

Located in the heart of the German Silicon Valley, Karlsruhe, Key-Work Consulting has established itself as a market leader in Fully Hosted Business Intelligence solutions.

With 35+ staff, including 4 PHDs, we believe there is no other consulting firm in the region who can deliver the quality of work for the price performance on hosted hardware. We have known the owners of Key Work for more than 13 years. Key Work has been our Business Partner for more than 6 years now. They are "the best of the best".

Clients looking for a "Business Intelligence Partner" who is a full service provider that can take care of all your needs? You are well advised to talk to Key-Work.

Our IBI Clients have the option of hiring IBI Associates, hiring Key Work Consultants via IBI, or hiring Key Work Consultants directly. It is very much the decision of you, the client, as to how you would like to engage those people who are well trained in our products.


As is normal with consulting fees there is no set "price".  The "Price" of consulting depends on what you would like to do. We will take a consultative approach, listen to what it is you want to do, and create a proposal that we believe best suites your needs.

We are so confident of our capabilities that we will fix price ETL and Data Model Development. We are one of the few firms who will do that. We have been one of the few consulting firms that has been willing to fix price BI Consulting deals since the mid 90s. Our Founder, Mr. Nolan, was the pioneer of being able to deliver large scale BI Projects with very high reliability on a fixed price basis in the mid 90s.

You can be assured that our price to develop your ETL and data models will about about 50% of the next best offer that is credible and remotely likely to deliver.

You might get some other offers that look cheaper but none of them will be credible. Nor will they be likely to actually succeed.  If you think you do have an offer from a credible provider that is cheaper? We would be pleased to review it for you and explain to you any gaps in such an offer.

We are consistently seeing BI Firms make claims that are ludicrous. We wish to stop other firms doing this as it only creates distrust for ALL BI Providers. There are too many failed BI projects and we would like to see BI be far more reliable than it has been to date.

In 1995 the first edition of what is now "SeETL" was invented. It gave our team an unassailable competitive advantage in pricing. We were successful in many of the large BI deals we did in Asia Pacific in the 90s. In the 00s we carried on that work in the US and Europe to a greater or lesser extent depending on who we were contracted to.

Nearly 20 years later the products we have evolved mean that we know no one else can get even close to our consulting fee prices based on deliverables unless they are using our products and have been trained by us.

So if you want a fixed price quote for your ETL and data models development? Talk to us. You will be very pleasantly surprised what we can do for your money. Remember, we have a data model with 847+ tables and 28,000 fields to base our development efforts on.

No one else is going to give you a credible fixed price that is even close to what we will be able to offer you. And with IBI you get the guarantee that we can deliver what you need because we have been doing this for so long. 22+ years now.