SeETL Emailer


The SeETL Emailer is a simple and straightforward console command that takes your customer contacts in an excel workbook and emails each of your contacts. The evaluation version can be downloaded from here.


  1. Simple, intuitive, spreadsheet interface.
  2. No "coding" required.
  3. You maintain your contacts on your PC/Server.
  4. No one else gets your customer list on their server where it might be compromised.
  5. Minimal amount of effort to maintain.
  6. You know the email generation works.
  7. Fast email outbound generation.
  8. You can use your own smtp server or your ISP. (Not intended for hotmail, gmail etc)
  9. Html or text emails.
  10. One time connect or per email connect to smtp server. (eg different "senders" from different ISPs)
  11. 10 Substitution variables per email. (eg. Name of recipient, signature of "sender")
  12. A sleep variable between emails to slow the sending down for ISP email servers.



  1. EUR29.99/user/year or near equivalent
  2. Volume Purchase available
  3. Once payment is made we will issue the licenses


Buy Now (Annual Subscription)


The presentation below is a demonstration of the SeETL Emailer. It is a simple tool that we use ourselves for our own emails. We also use it for mailings that we perform in other businesses we have an interest in. When running against our own mail server we can send out about 5 emails per second with the 10 substitution variable processing. 

With a remote email server you should expect throughput of 1 email per second. Many ISPs ask for the rate at which emails are sent out on their mail servers to be throttled back a little.

You can do things like use different sender email addresses and names and put different signatures on emails so that a mail out to your customers/clients can be appear to be coming from the account manager or customer manager for the person receiving the email.

By blind copying the account/customer manager s/he can see the email went out. Alternatively you can tell the account/customer manager all the contacts there received the outbound email and the contents of the email.

This maintains the personal feel of the email communication. It means that the receiver believes they have been emailed by the person they are talking to and not "head office". 

We invite you to watch this presentation and demonstration of our simple, fast, intuitive Emailer.