SeETL Delta Detection


The SeETL Delta Detection utility is a simple and straightforward console command that takes definitions of tables to compare so as to determine what rows have been inserted, updated, or deleted from the minus one version to get to the the current version. This tool is perfect for regression testing systems which is exactly what we do with it. We also use it to generate deltas where we are not able to get those deltas from the operational systems.


  1. Simple, intuitive, spreadsheet interface
  2. No "coding" required
  3. Columns can be selected from database catalog
  4. Minimal amount of effort to edit
  5. You know the generated SQL works
  6. Fast SQL Generation
    • 2,000 fields, 190+ tables, 1,300 output files. 10 seconds.
  7. High Productivity: For our DotNetNuke data warehouse
    • 2,000+ fields, 190+ tables, less than 40 hours work



  1. EUR49.99/user/year or near equivalent
  2. Volume Purchase available
  3. Once payment is made we will issue the licenses


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The presentation below is a demonstration of the SeETL Delta Detection. It is a simple tool that we use ourselves for our own delta detection.

We invite you to watch this presentation and demonstration of our simple, fast, intuitive Delta Detection Utility.